Welcome to My Desi Travel Blog

I have been thinking about writing this blog from almost three years now, because every time we would travel, I’m like this is not on the web or they should have a website about this etc. Anyway, lets see how far I go with it.

Let me introduce myself, I live in Lahore, Pakistan and I have traveled to certain parts of the Europe, UK, Middle East and Asia. Haven’t covered that many places but I just wanted to share my experiences because everyone in the world looks at everything differently. And of course from a desi’s point of view, everything IS different, right? I have always traveled with my family (with two kids) and those who have kids they will agree that the world is not the same for us:)

Just for clarity, when I say local travel, I mean traveling all around our beloved homeland, Pakistan. Will be writing about everything inshAllah. Wish me luck!

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