Naran 2015 Episode I

Of all the places I have visited in Pakistan so far, my favourite place is Naran. It is because the place reminds me of Jannah! The beautiful fresh water springs and the river Kunhar remind me of the rivers of milk mentioned in Quran. The first time I visited Naran was in May 2014. I […]

Short Trip to Islamabad

The best thing about Islamabad, is the weather. (nothing special otherwise;)) Especially in summers, we Lahori’s and as a matter of fact we all wanna to go North. The trip however was cursed! I will tell you why! To start with, the only two places that we could visit were Faysal Mosque and Bari Imam […]

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Fullerton Hotel Singapore is a 5 star historic hotel located in a posh area of Singapore. The reason for choosing this hotel was to enjoy the luxury of 5 star as well the easy connectivity of this area to local food and shopping places. And I think it was a best decision ever! The hotel […]

Trip to Singapore, May 2015

When my husband told me that Singapore can be our next stop for holiday I was very excited.  I always thought that it is an amazing place full of high tech iconic buildings with perfect weather and beautiful beaches. And yes a place for best food too! We decided to stay in a 5 star […]

Centaurus Mall Islamabad

For those who enjoy the city life it is an ideal place to be. The Centaurus Mall in Islamabad is the one of the biggest malls of Pakistan. I mean it doesn’t matter if you are alone or travelling with family, you can shop, eat and have fun at the mini Disney Land, Fun City. […]

River Sutlej

After we missed the parade at Ganda Singh, Indian/Pakistan border in Kasur. We took our private bus to visit the bank of River Sutlej. Early in March in the evening the sky looked superb. This river bank, since is close to the border, is not available for general public. If you have a reference in […]

Changa Manga

Changa Manga is a rich forest near Lahore, Pakistan. I visited Changa Manga last Saturday with colleagues. If I didn’t have sinus I could have enjoyed a lot. End of February when spring is in full bloom, so are the pollens and allergies. Anyway, I am adding the photos here for your review.