Emirates Vs. Qatar Airways

If you are coming to South Asia, from anywhere around the world, people usually prefer Emirates. We as a family also prefer Emirates for many reasons. To start with everyone just loves Dubai Airport! But recently I have had the experience for travelling via Qatar Airways. The experience is not bad at all, but I would still vote for Emirates and here the reason why:


Its NOT worth it:) there is not a lot of price difference. When we were travelling from Europe, the price difference was only $80 per ticket (Emirates is expensive). I am willing to spend that extra money for the airport;) Because if I am going on a vacation, I am not in a hurry its a worth it experience!

On the other hand when we traveled to middle east, there was a price difference of about $150! Now that’s a lot!

My sister came from America on Qatar Airways, she got a good deal too!


On contrary to my earlier comment that I would prefer going to Dubai Airport, if you have been there for four times a year, then its not worth it! Try Doha International Airport, its not bad at all. Hotels, shopping is all good! Its just not as big as Dubai, but maybe I didn’t quite get the time to enjoy because thrice I have been there, in the past three months and all I can do is use the toilet and go find my gate. There is just not enough time!


When I traveled to Europe on Qatar Airways, I was able to leave on Friday night (just when the weekend began) and left Europe on Sunday evening (Just before the weekend ended). You know what I mean? I came back on Monday morning, had to go to office, had no time to rest, but that’s my choice! If people want to come back on Fri and Sat and rest the Sunday before they go to work, go for Emirates!

Family with kids

I am a mom with two girls and I would choose Emirates over and over again. Well first of all, on flight food is served to the kids first and then to the elders (sometimes they do the same in Qatar). If you have booked the seat for a kid online before boarding, they will give you a special meal, that your kids might as well eat. Even if they don’t eat or they are sleeping, the food is served with a plastic food container. So I don’t wake my kids or force them to eat. I just pack the food and go!

On flight entertainment

Emirate! Winner! Qatar has latest good stuff, but their options are limited as compared to Emirates.

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