Naran Trip Episode III – Lalazar, Lulusar Lake and Pyala Lake

Next day, we were set off to visit Lalazar. The road to Lalazar is worse than that of Saif-ul-Malook. I wish I could say that that the place was better than the lake or the road is the worth the sight. No sir! It is just grass, trees and mountains. No lake, no spring or even a sight inspiring enough to make me come there again. At least that is what I feel. I understand once you are at such a place, what else is there to see. But if you are Naran do visit it though; maybe you will have a better experience.



Interesting thing however was that the weather forecast showed rain that day. But our local driver said that it doesn’t rain at Lalazar in the first of the half of the day. And like he had told us the weather was quite sunny. It started raining afterwards though.

After we were bored from Lalazar we went off to see Lulusar Lake. It is about two three hours drive from Naran. The landscape is worth enjoying. Like I said earlier, Naran is my favourite place on earth. You have to see it to belive it. It had become cloudy already so wind started to get chillier and chillier. When we were almost close to the lake, it started to rain. We saw a restaurant in the middle of no where so we thought we should take a break. It was a good decision as the rain turned into hail storm and what an experience it was for all of us. We saw a small mountain cover with snow! It turned white! Kids were very excited (you know we Lahoris don’t see a lot of snow or hail!)



It was lunch time then again we took the advice of the local driver and ordered red beans. He said it was a speciality. Indeed it was very delicious. With hot rotis and spicy beans we enjoyed hail storm and the cold weather in the foot of the Himalyas. Amazing! An unforgettable memory! Somehow you can’t capture all that in pictures.


So we carried on to see Lulusir lake, the water of the lake is emerald green. It is indeed a beautiful lake. But once you have seen Saif-ul-Malook there is no comparison. We took a small trip and came back.


On our way back we stopped the car to check out the Pyala Lake but only from a distance, we didn’t make the effort to go to the lake.


At night we decided to check out the dens where the story of the fairy and prince ends. But it was quite dark we didn’t find the dens. The river Kunhar though was very cool!

Everyone who goes to Naran sure does visit Shogran but this time we couldn’t as we had to rush back. September! remember? We had taken days off from work and kids took off from school. Not exactly a cool thing to do, but it was worth it!

On our way to Lahore, we decided to rest at Murree. Going to Murree from Abbottabad is quite a sight. Like I mentioned earlier mountains of Murree are quite different from that of Naran. There are almost no springs/waterfalls. But the mountains are covered with lush green forest. These mountains are smaller and closer to each other. The road from Abbottabad to Nathia Gali is very dangerous.

We stopped at Nathia Gali for coffee; it was the worst coffee of the whole trip! On our way to Murree we stopped after Ayubia where we saw a lot of Monkeys. You know kids love such things. The locals sell corn there so that people can throw them at the monkeys. Monkeys love that corn as well as the snacks we had in the car. The cute little monkeys kept coming down from the mountains.

September is the cheapest time of the year at Murree as well. We got into big rooms at very affordable rate. But we made a hasty decision there as the only reason for staying at Murree is the Mall road, and it was quite far away from our hotel. We had to walk all the way. I know we don’t mind walking in such areas but you know kids, they get bored and tiered.

As it wasn’t the tourist season, every thing was cheap. We were able to do a lot of shopping. I always buy those embroidered pashmina shawls. This time I also bought embroidered set of “gala bazu”;) if you know what I mean. Oh, and don’t forget the dry fruits!

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