Short Trip to Islamabad

The best thing about Islamabad, is the weather. (nothing special otherwise;)) Especially in summers, we Lahori’s and as a matter of fact we all wanna to go North. The trip however was cursed! I will tell you why! To start with, the only two places that we could visit were Faysal Mosque and Bari Imam as one of our kids got sick and we had to cut down on travel.

Faysal Mosque

How can you not see the Faysal Mosque if you visit Islamabad for the first time? This wasn’t my first time though; I had been to Faysal mosque before and seen it in the evening long time ago. It is a beautiful piece of architecture, worth exploring. (You know queen Elizebeth has visited the mosque!)

Anyway this time, the worst part was that it was the third day of Eid-ul-Fitr and a day in summer. Anybody body who was anybody was at the mosque! We couldn’t go inside as we anticipated the crowd, but here is an experience worth sharing. My daughter had to pee! Yes, in a public toilet on a public holiday! What happened after that will gross you out so forget it!

Faysal Mosque1

Bari Imam

Another worth visiting place in Islamabad is Bari Imam Mazaar. It was the first time I was visiting the Mazaar but bad luck shining again, the place was under construction.

Bari ImamBari Imam1Bari Imam2
Bari Imam3

You can Wikipedia hereabout the Holy Man.

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