Trip to Singapore, May 2015

When my husband told me that Singapore can be our next stop for holiday I was very excited.  I always thought that it is an amazing place full of high tech iconic buildings with perfect weather and beautiful beaches. And yes a place for best food too!

We decided to stay in a 5 star historic hotel, The Fullerton Hotel, located in a posh area of Singapore. The reason for this was to enjoy the luxury of 5 star as well the easy connectivity of this area to local food and shopping places. And I think it was a best decision ever! When we landed in Singapore the first thing we noticed was that the people were so friendly. The border control lady was a bit too sweet and she took only 5-6 minutes in stamping our passports. The amazing thing was that at the end of the stamping area there was a survey machine, which had the options of rating the border control service. I had never seen this machine anywhere else. Perfect idea! Because knowing you are daisi can give an uneasiness to the border control people but with this service they can’t misbehave! Simple!

We took a cab to the hotel, I noticed that the cabs were not expensive at all. (Well not expensive than London where I live.) You can find more about the hotel here.

There were quite a few places that we visited in our 6 days holiday but I think the best one was the Fish Aquarium where we saw dolphins dancing for the first time. We also went to the Night Safari park and saw many animals. We missed the zoo because the weather during the day was very humid and hot so we had to spend most of the afternoons in shopping malls or restaurants.

Check out a few pictures from Marina Bay Shopping Mall.

marina-bay-mall-signapore-2 marina-bay-mall-singapore

In terms of shopping I like the malls and the feel of them but I think things were a bit too expensive. Singapore is an expensive city and has all the brands but all the things are quite different from London. There were also some Chinese shops but because I couldn’t understand the labels I never explored these shops. Some malls also had stroller rent facility but not every mall had that and I was a bit annoyed with this because many people told me that most of the malls provide this service which was clearly not true!
malls-singapore2 malls-singapore

Food! Food was great and cheap which was an amazing thing. I loved whatever I ate there. There  were many choices, Indian, Thai, Malaysian and Chinese.

Check out these pictures from the gardens by the bay:

gardens-singapore gardens3-singapore


We had a lot of fun and I would love to visit the place again! Hope you like the pictures!

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